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    Why I’m in love with Singapore!

    It’s the second time I’ve now visited Singapore both this year and in my life and I honestly can’t get enough of it! City’s aren’t generally my favourite place to travel to (although I’m definitely warming to them), as I’ve always been more of a beach and countryside-kinda-gal, but Singapore I can absolutely swap for the sand. One of the most important factors of enjoyment for me (as I am a bit of a chicken) is feeling safe, and in Singapore I really feel at ease walking around alone.  Singapore has the glamorous sky scrapers, the beautiful marina river and the extravagant restaurants and hotels but the super refreshing thing about this city…

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    Singapore: By Day

    Whilst we were in Singapore, we tried to see as many of THE places to see whilst we were there. I have to say, we managed to get to quite a lot of them in on our stay.  From The Merlion, to Chinatown to Sentosa Island, we’ve picked  our top of the hotspots that we got to experience: Botanical Gardens As quite a countryside girl myself, while I do love experiencing new cities, I also love finding a haven of outdoor space too. Whilst Singapore doesn’t feel as cramped or intimidating as some cities can, it was still lovely to escape the busy roads and the hustle and bustle and…

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    Singapore: By Night

    Singapore really lights up at night, there are so many beautiful areas that you can go to eat, drink and be merry… BOAT QUAY  Boat Quay was a really civilised place to go at night, and oozed with elegance.  One of my favourite things is to eat on the waters edge and Boat Quay provides just that, it’s so relaxing and super chic. Being surrounded by the multitude of beautiful tall buildings allows for their lights to shimmer of the water from above, it was like a land of fairy lights. Another thing we noticed was the huge amount of seafood on offer, unfortunately I am not a great lover…

  • The Scarlet Hotel, Singapore
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    The Scarlet Hotel, Singapore

    The Scarlet Hotel is tucked away in China Town in Singapore, quite inconspicuous but very easy to find too. Just a two minute walk away from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, it is in a fabulous location but it isn’t an obvious hotel building but more camouflaged in with the unique China Town style road. On walking into the Scarlet Hotel it feels very luxurious with plenty of velvet and of course… scarlet. The hotel staff are very friendly and even though we were VERY early for check-in, they took our cases and we went up to the roof top tub and lay on the loungers up there. Once we…