About Me

Hi guys,  Welcome and thank you for visiting my corner of the internet; I appreciate each and every visitor that stops off at girlgoinglobal.com – both new and returning, so hiya everyone! Firstly, let me introduce myself; I am an English girl who loves chasing sunsets in both new and familiar destinations. I’ve lived in England forever; I love and appreciate my home country so much but equally, I try and get abroad as much as I can to soak up some Vitamin D (because, as we all know – England weather ain’t nothing to shout about), experience new cultures and admire the diverse and beautiful scenery that our planet has to offer. 

Why I Travel 

I’m at my happiest when I’m travelling, in the sun, by the sea and with an iced coffee in hand. But it’s not just about these small pleasures… it’s about taking a step back from routine, to experience more than just the day-to-day clockwork of life once (or twice) in a while.  To me, travelling provides the opportunity to put life in perspective. Getting too wrapped up in routine can dangerously lead one to forget what life is all about. But the break from the every day regimen, helps remind me to appreciate everything that I  have at home, who I have around me and I use this to make any changes needed in my life which stops me being sucked up into the monotony of the same old. The planet is here for us to explore, and to enjoy and reap the benefits from.

Why I Blog

Prior to visiting anywhere new, I always research the best hot-spots and must-do’s in the area so that I really make the most of each and every place and what there is on offer there.  Over the years, I’ve relied on so many helpful tips and hints on places that I would never have known about if it wasn’t for other people’s advice. My blog now gives me the opportunity to help other travellers and give my advice and experiences on places that I’ve visited. I also love sharing the beauty of this world through my photos. I hope that you find my blog useful and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating content on here, and if you do – I’d be so grateful if you’d subscribe to my blog here and give my social channels a follow.

If you want to get in contact with me, please email info@girlgoinglobal.com or click here to fill out my contact form. 

Love from, Girl Going Global xx