• Batu Caves | Kuala Lumpur with Girl Going Global
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    Kuala Lumpur – The Batu Caves

    The Batu Caves are slightly outside of Kuala Lumpur (about a 20 minute drive) but it is well worth the taxi ride. It’s something like nothing else – when else have you seen the second largest Hindu statue (second to one in Nepal) in bright gold stood next to a cave, surrounded by monkeys!? If there is another one – let me know! But this is quite a different experience. The first thing you see is the statue of Lord Murugan, which is the tallest statue in Malaysia at 42.7 metres! And it feels even bigger when you’re stood next to it… it took three years to build it so…

  • Why Langkawi is the island of dreams | Girl Going Global

    Langkawi Cable Car

    Wow what a day! Langkawi Sky Cab or Langkawi Cable Car is one of the main points to see in Langkawi, so we couldn’t really come all this way and not visit it!   I was slightly apprehensive as had heard it was quite steep… although I have been skiing frequently since I was very young, and of course there is no way up the mountain other than chair lifts and cable cars, so I was used to this fact. Little did I know that it was the second steepest cable car in the world – going as steep as 42 degrees! Over the jungle it was quite sketchy between…

  • Tanjung Rhu and The Mangroves | Girl Going Global
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    Tanjung Rhu and The Mangroves in Langkawi

      Before visiting Langkawi, I knew I wanted to do the Sky Cab and I’d read that Tanjung Rhu was a beautiful beach. But when our taxi driver insisted that we must do the Mangroves – I had no idea whether he was trying to sell it to us or whether it was genuinely unmissable. I later learnt that he was super genuine and just wanted us to have a good time – it was such an incredible experience! Firstly Tanjung Rhu beach was idyllic – like heaven on earth. White sands, turquoise sea, islands shooting out from the waters. They provided such heart stopping views. The sea was so…

  • Explore Langkawi with Girl Going Global
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    Langkawi – the Island of Dreams!

    Langkawi is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! It’s an island so full of vegetation and tropical plants, including the rubber tree which was bought to Langkawi from Brazil and now the island is full of them. We found that the people were so friendly and our taxi driver was the most humble of people, he showed and told us about all of the best places on Langkawi. It’s only really now that the tourism is growing in Langkawi and they have a few big well known hotels on the island.     The weather, for us, was much better than that of Singapore and…

  • Where to hang in Penang | The Hot Spots | Girl Going Global
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    Where to Hang in Penang

    Penang was my first experience of Malaysia and hence provided my first impression of it. It is a very interesting place with an array of different environments. From the built up city views to the mountainous luscious landscapes – Penang is pretty diverse. I didn’t have too much time in Penang but I feel like I saw some of the most special places Penang has to offer, so I have decided to share them with you…    Wat Chayamangkalaram       This Thai Buddhist Temple was stunning. The Dragons in which you are greeted with at just beyond the gate were so striking offering the look of a golden…