Langkawi Cable Car

Wow what a day!

Langkawi Sky Cab or Langkawi Cable Car is one of the main points to see in Langkawi, so we couldn’t really come all this way and not visit it!
I was slightly apprehensive as had heard it was quite steep… although I have been skiing frequently since I was very young, and of course there is no way up the mountain other than chair lifts and cable cars, so I was used to this fact. Little did I know that it was the second steepest cable car in the world – going as steep as 42 degrees! Over the jungle it was quite sketchy between the bottom and mid-station but the view of Langkawi just kept getting bigger and more beautiful.
Langkawi SkyBridge and Cable Car | Girl Going Global | Travel Tips
We decided not to get off at the mid station as I thought we would just have to queue again and we would get to see more from the top anyway. Past the mid station, towards the top… this section was much easier and here you get your first glimpse of the sky bridge!
At the top it was pretty windy but the 360 degree view of Langkawi was awe-inspiring. What lies beneath you revels in sheer spectacle – the glistening water and the large expanse of greenery! After about half an hour of consuming this wonderful world of wonder – we walked down to the Sky Bridge. If you’d rather not walk about ten minutes down then you can pay for a little train ride that takes you there and back but I quite fancied a little walk in the jungle (however, it is quite steep so not for those unwilling to get a little breathless on the way back up!).
Langkawi SkyBridge and Cable Car | Girl Going Global | Travel Tips
I wouldn’t say that I am really scared of heights – but this bridge did give us an adrenalin rush and a half. Once we got down to it, it didn’t look that bad, but when we were on it as it was a little windy it did shake in the wind (and with it, so did my legs!). It is a suspension bridge so this is normal, but wow it gave some views from other angles looking over the jungle of trees. Intermittently, there were sections of glass that you could look through to see below – I had to run over these bits but my boyfriend made sure he stood on them and look down for a while to get the maximum experience. Getting over to the other side gives more beautiful view, however knowing we had to walk the whole way back was slightly different to the way there when you test yourself how far you can go….I did say to my boyfriend – shall we take some more photos or shall we just hold hands and run!? I was deadly serious but someone near to us thought I was joking….
Langkawi Cable Car | Girl Going Global
Back down the cable car we went – it was definitely easier going down rather than up but this didn’t take away from sheer drop we were riding! At the bottom, there is a lovely little oriental village which is so cute and has so many bright colours, and a river running through so it’s definitely worth a little stop. The SkyCab really is a must if you’re in Langkawi. It provides the best views of the island, an adrenaline rush for those who get slightly shakey up high and beautiful photos for you to keep with your memories of this gem of an island.
Langkawi SkyBridge and Cable Car | Girl Going Global | Travel Tips


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