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Whilst we were in Singapore, we tried to see as many of THE places to see whilst we were there. I have to say, we managed to get to quite a lot of them in on our stay.  From The Merlion, to Chinatown to Sentosa Island, we’ve picked  our top of the hotspots that we got to experience:

Botanical Gardens

Singapore top things to do in the day | Girl Going Global

As quite a countryside girl myself, while I do love experiencing new cities, I also love finding a haven of outdoor space too. Whilst Singapore doesn’t feel as cramped or intimidating as some cities can, it was still lovely to escape the busy roads and the hustle and bustle and relax in a clear space of tranquility. The Botanical Gardens are beautiful and as they are so big, you haven’t got the crowds. There are lots of different gardens to see – some with lakes, some with swings and even little Summer Houses. It is quite endearing how the features can be hidden away so you feel like you’re the first person to have discovered them. There was also the Orchid Garden which was on our list but we actually had to leave and go for lunch before we got there. `But on our next visit to Singapore we definitely would like to experience this particular garden. If you’ve been to the Orchid Garden what did you think?

Singapore top things to do in the day | Girl Going Global

Gardens By the Bay

Singapore top things to do in the day | Girl Going Global

These were something I had seen online (it’s hard not to when researching Singapore as they are one of the most iconic images) so naturally, we had to visit them. We didn’t go up the iconic supertrees but to me the view from the bottom seemed just as beautiful so that was fine. We went into the cloud forest and the flower dome, the plants, features, waterfalls and everything else in between were really different to what I’ve seen before and so well presented. The gardens also present a lovely break from the humidity outside.


The Merlion

Another iconic Singapore feautre you’ve really got to see before you leave this beautiful city is the Merlion.  Although I was slightly disappointed at just how many people also had the same thought as me… the area was swamped with people trying to grab photos and as a consequence everyones photos were just mobbed with other people! Including mine….


China Town | Singapore | Girl Going Global

Chinatown was really cool, it was also very clean and safe. I have visited Chinatown markets in other parts of Malaysia which got a bit scary at times. But the people here were very friendly and I bought an elegant little fan that will always remind me of Singapore. Also in Chinatown is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, this is a really lovely place to visit. You don’t have to pay for the entry (always a bonus, but I wouldn’t have minded if so as it would have been worth the money) and it was so very peaceful in there with extraordinary statues and colours.  We walked out feeling super calm and relaxed.

A beautiful view of Singapore | Girl Going Global

The Fullerton Hotel


Fullerton Hotel | Singapore | Girl Going Global

We didn’t actually plan to visit The Fullerton Hotel, it was just raining and we were quite near so we headed in for a coffee and WOW this place is beautiful. I was not aware of the status The Fullerton Hotel held in Singapore before visiting it… now I know! As you walk into the grand entrance there are large pillars in front and it gives off such a sense of elegance and grandeur.   However it obviously comes with a cost… as you can imagine, my cappuccino probably cost as much as a dish somewhere else would cost.  Not your average morning coffee, but you’re paying for sitting in this place and it does make you feel like you’ve made it ;).

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island | Singapore | Girl Going Global

The day we went to Sentosa Island, it was quite a drizzly day but it was our last and I was NOT leaving Singapore having not visited it’s touristy bit on the side. I had heard a lot about Sentosa Island and had seen the high ratings on Tripadvisor that it had received, but I have to say, no-one prepared me for how touristy and purpose built it was. I knew, as I had read, that they were man made beaches but I didn’t think it would be quite the way it was (this may have been emphasized by the bad weather and potentially overlooked if it had been sunny). However, once I had gotten past this fact we hit the beaches, and in particular, Tanjung Beach Club. Again this came with quite a hefty price tag but wow was it fun! They have a pool, beds and even beer pong tables (which we played for a while!). It’s easy to see why so many locals reside here every weekend!

Singapore top things to do in the day | Girl Going Global


Take a look at some highlights from my most recent Singapore trip:





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