Singapore: By Night

Singapore really lights up at night, there are so many beautiful areas that you can go to eat, drink and be merry…


Boat Quay was a really civilised place to go at night, and oozed with elegance.  One of my favourite things is to eat on the waters edge and Boat Quay provides just that, it’s so relaxing and super chic. Being surrounded by the multitude of beautiful tall buildings allows for their lights to shimmer of the water from above, it was like a land of fairy lights. Another thing we noticed was the huge amount of seafood on offer, unfortunately I am not a great lover of such food but this looked like the place to go if you are. Almost every restaurant we walked past, had a large tub of water filled to the brim with crabs, lobsters and other tropical things alike.  For us Boat Quay provided a relaxing and chilled out night on the waters edge.


So everyone that knows me knows I HATE getting in lifts, but I was NOT leaving Singapore never having reached the peak that is Marina Bay Sands. A couple of drinks down, I did the lift, shut my eyes, and I was there, this lift shoots up 57 floors in a matter of seconds (my kind of lift!). Getting to the top of the 57th floor it felt so weird being so high so quickly as I’m the one that usually takes the stairs and hence a gradual climber, but I wasn’t going to spend my evening climbing 57 floors. So boom – we were at the top and boy was it worth it, the view left me more breathless than if I had walked up the 57 floor staircase myself! We paid $20 to get up there, which is steep but you’re paying for the best location and the $20 can go towards the drink when you’re up there. There’s an infinity pool at the top too which is separate from the bar and exclusive to hotel guests, but it still provides an immense view.  Sipping on cocktails looking down at other buildings and the water gave another dimension to Singapore. A definite must do if you’re in town!

Marina Bay Sands | Singapore | Girl Going Global


This was a bar that our local friends took us to. I wasn’t sure of it at first as it’s just a lift… (another one) but it takes you up a couple of floors and when it opens, it’s like another world! The DJ is jamming his tunes, drinks everywhere –  but the best bit? The view! You have an almost panoramic view of Singapore. Whilst we were there, Marina Bay Sands laser’s were going which was so cool, and I had to keep pinching myself to make sure I was actually here. I was listening to my favourite music, sipping on my favourite drink, and kept looking up to the exclusive buildings towering above us – a slither of heaven.



Now I can’t actually give a true review of the river boat cruise as I didn’t get time to experience it, but I’ve added it in due it looking pretty fun from shore. It was on my list of things to do as I experienced one whilst in Dubai , and it was so magical floating across the calm waters looking up to the bright lights of the buildings surrounding us – so this is what I imagined the Singapore River Boat Cruises must be like? Next time I visit Singapore, I am prioritising this. If anyone else has experienced the river boat cruises – I’d love to know what you thought of it?



I felt super exclusive coming here – the entrance resembles a boarded up private garage, so only people that know… know it’s there. It gives off a really cool vibe and even though it was just a Monday night – this place was buzzing! It’s obviously extremely popular with the locals. So much so, there were only a few seats at the bar left (all tables were packed), as we sat at the bar, we noticed the array of different spirits they have available. We tried to work out how they organised their drinks as it seemed each shelf held drinks from a selected country. We could be totally off track but that was what we decided. This is a real hot spot worth a visit!

If you’re ever in Singapore – definitely venture out at night, there is something for everyone. Another thing to mention about Singapore is the safety, I did feel super safe whilst walking around at night, admittedly I was never alone but I do feel uneasy easily so for me to say that is something! I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Singapore and the highlight will be what Singapore by night has to offer…




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