Why I Prefer To Wear a Wooden Watch: My JORD WOOD WATCH

JORD Wood Watch | Girl Going Global

Plastic & metal; materials that are not environmentally friendly. But wood on the other hand, is a renewable material, so why not use more wood in both our homes and our products, and… our watches?!

JORD Wood Watch | Girl Going Global

I will never underestimate the power of wood. The strength, the beauty and how it harmonises our planet rather than harms it. And that is what I love about JORD Wood Watches, they’ve taken a material that is so very special and created beautifully designed, hand-crafted watches from it.

JORD Wood Watch | Girl Going Global

Not only is wood a material that is kind on the planet, but also to us as humans; Biophilla is the notion that we possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Hence the more we surround ourselves with nature and natural materials the more it has a positive effect on our mental health. This is what I find particularly significant about always having a touch of nature on my wrist through my JORD Wood Watch.

JORD Wood Watch | Girl Going Global


Furthermore, aside from their eco-friendliness and biophillic properties, it’s hard not to see the beauty in these luxury hand-crafted and all-natural Wooden Watches. I actually received my first JORD Wooden Watch last year and my Mum loved it so much, that my Dad treated her to one of her own too!

I’ve even got my Stacked Sandalwood & Olive With Ivory Watch engraved which adds a very personable touch to the watch, that I will be treasuring forever. You can find the engraving option here.

JORD Wood Watch | Girl Going Global

I’m never without my JORD Wood Watch…

JORD Wood Watch | Girl Going Global


If you’d like a JORD Wood Watch too, I’ve joined up with them for one of my lucky followers to $100 to spend on their website! Just click here to choose which watch you’d like and you’ll be entered into the giveaway. The winner will be announced on my Instagram, @girlgoinglobal so keep your eyes peeled!

Good Luck xxx

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