Paris: A Weekend Trip in the City of Lights…

Despite it being just a short flight away from London , Paris was a destination that was still sitting on my bucket list, waiting to be explored. So when my partner organised a trip for Christmas, I couldn’t hop on Instagram fast enough to check out the best spots and must-do’s of the city of lights. 

Paris oozes excitement and possibilities, there is so much to explore so prior to visiting – research is required! Therefore, I’ve written out my favourite things to do, where to stay and what to see in beautiful Pareee…


Hotel Boutet | Girl Going Global in Paris

Hotel Boutet, set in the Bastille area was a little slice of calm and luxury in such a happening city. This 5* hotel is so very beautifully presented, with attention in the smallest details.  The carefully designed room made excellent use of space, with doors doubling up as mirrors for example, leaving space or the ever-so-huge bed that could probably fit about 5 people comfortably in! After a very peaceful and beautiful sleep, at our chosen time, a lovely waiter bought us breakfast room service. In fact, this was a highlight of my trip to Paris as I never usually indulge in such extravagance, it was so delicious and tasted even better as it was such a special moment – having room service breakfast in bed in Paris!  Another highlight of our room was the rather large private terrace, I can only imagine it would be the perfect spot for a sunbathe in summer before heading out to explore the city. 

Girl Going Global Goes to Paris


The Museé du Louvre

Girl Going Global Goes to Paris

As I had seen the Louvre appear so many times on my IG feed, we headed there to see what it was all about. After grabbing some snaps of the incredibly interesting architecture and appreciating such a beautiful scene, we enjoyed a coffee opposite the Louvre before heading in, which the tourism board so kindly gifted us passes for. I was on the hunt for the Mona Lisa and I was pleased to have seen it in the flesh, although it sits opposite a painting over 10x the size of it, this is a must see whilst in Paris. My boyfriend revelled in the museum experience and was so engrossed in it’s history whilst I enjoyed taking photos, so together we had a great experience!

Girl Going Global Goes to Paris

The Eiffel Tower

Girl Going Global Goes to Paris

Because have you actually been to Paris if you haven’t seen the eiffel tower? And what a breathtaking sight it is – every time I saw it, I’d get quite excited, although I’m sure the locals don’t get the same feeling anymore (I could be wrong). In the evening, the tower ‘sparkles’ every hour on the hour for 5 minutes, so find a spot to watch this spectacle during these magical moments .

Eiffel Tower | Girl Going Global in Paris

Dinner at LiLi at the Peninsula Paris

Girl Going Global Goes to Paris

One for a very special occasion! Set in the beautiful Peninsula Hotel, which is incredibly luxurious, it was an absolute delight to eat at LiLi; a delicious Cantonese restaurant. This extremely grand restaurant radiates opulence, with exclusive service, delicious food with an incredible menu, we enjoyed an exceptional evening here! I am sure you will not be disappointed if you decide to dine here too.

Bateaux Mouches

Girl Going Global Goes to Paris

The best way to see the beautiful sights of Paris? By a boat ride along the river seine! We saw the Notre Daam, the Eiffel Tower, of course the many bridges and traditional buildings, all whilst listening to the highly informative narration as we sailed along. I love my boat days and it gave another dimension and perceptive of the city so I highly recommend this if you’re visiting Pareee. 

Girl Going Global Goes to Paris


Girl Going Global Goes to Paris

As previously mentioned at the start of this post, prior to heading to Paris, I used Instagram to find the best spots of the city but was a little confused when I stumbled upon photos of quaint cobbled streets claiming to be located in Paris. That’s what I love about Instagram – you can find things that may not have been on our radar without it! Montmartre was the culprit of these beautiful snaps, with gorgeous quaint coffee shops and creperies, pubs and small streets, it’s a spot not to be missed! 

Montmartre | Girl Going Global Goes to Paris

So, that’s it for now – HAVE FUN IN PARIS and THANK YOU for reading xx


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