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Sophistication, style, seclusion and superb service; all qualities you can expect to revel in during a stay in 19th century, 5* Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi. Standing in all it’s glamorous glory on the edge of a cliff on the Italian coast, Hotel Santa Caterina offers guests uninterrupted views of the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea and boasts gardens full of fresh lemon orchards cascading down the cliff towards the emerald waters, perfuming the air. There’s no place more heavenly offering a chic Italian charm, so let me give you a glimpse into my stay at this prestigious leading hotel of the world. 


The Pool & Beach Club


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Stretched out on my sun lounger on one of the beach towels that was perfectly laid out for me seconds before reaching my chosen spot for our last morning there and relishing in the golden sun, I took a few moments to soak up my surroundings.  I was at the private beach club of Hotel Santa Caterina and ahead, all I could see was the deep blue sea dreamily splashing around as it sparkled in the sun. Directly behind me lay the refreshing salt water pool, the beach bar with the most accomm

odating of staff and the cliff which houses the hotel. Sipping on the ice cold bottle of water that was instantly bought over without even asking, I reminisced about our experience at Santa Caterina.



The Food



Dinner the night before, was such an enchanting experience; we enjoyed the most heavenly food whilst overlooking a candy floss pink sky engulfing the mountainous landscape which gradually blended into darkness as the twinkling glow of Amalfi town then took the spotlight.  With fresh, high quality ingredients bursting with flavour, the evening meal at Hotel Santa Caterina was a feast fit for the finest.  The waiters were tentatively ensuring we were well cared for and whilst enjoying a fabulous evening, a pianist (my favourite instrument) was gently twinkling on the keys in the background. 

Breakfast had been just as captivating; with the sun rising opposite the dining terrace, there is no better spot to enjoy your first meal of the day.  Aside from the idyllic location, the plethora of different foods available is so varied and caters for every palette.  From waffles, fruit, cereal to bespoke omelettes, meats and cheeses, salmon and quails eggs to name but a few, Hotel Santa Caterina provides such a lavish spread. After selecting some heart shaped waffles with fruit and yoghurt and a granola bowl with puffed quinoa (!!!), the waiters (of whom were all dressed in white dinner jackets) offered to take my plate to the table for me… I’d never experienced service like it! Following them, I returned back to my dreamy spot to sip on my freshly squeezed pineapple juice, my perfectly frothed cappuccino and blissfully munch on my first meal of the day.

After finishing up, I enquired whether I could take another cappuccino back to my room, only for the waiters to insist they’d take it there for me… not even a minute after I’d strolled back, they bought my coffee and some fruit for me to enjoy on my balcony. Talk about service!


The Rooms



Our room, which was situated in a separate building from the central part of the hotel along with 8 others, was a short walk along the cliff and through some ineffably scented gardens bursting with colour. Our room felt so fresh and crisp with a floor that was composed of traditional hand painted tiles, oozing an elegant Italian charm. Our balcony provided the same alluring views as that of the restaurant, but my favourite part was the bathroom where I enjoyed both a jacuzzi bath and a jet powered shower whilst being spoilt with luxurious Italian Bvlgari products including their bath salts, hair products and deliciously smelling moisturiser.

There are also a couple of honeymoon suits that have their own private pools too if desired for a super special occasion.  


Amalfi Town and Transport


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I was pleasantly surprised at just how conveniently located Hotel Santa Caterina is from Amalfi Town, although they offer a complimentary shuttle to town and back every 30 minutes, the 10 minute walk to, and 15/20 minute walk back from Amalfi was fine! Amalfi town has lots of restaurants and shops and a really lovely feel to it. Talking of transport – the hotel organised for a driver called Giuseppe to collect us from Naples airport who was an absolute delight. So friendly, welcoming us with a huge smile and giving us a guide of the towns that we were driving through as well as stopping for photo opportunities and even offering to take a photo of us both together! 


The Service



A hotel can be beautiful but the service is what makes somewhere special.  This is where Hotel Santa Caterina achieves perfection; outstanding service whilst maintaining a very personal touch, every tiny detail is catered for.  From hanging your chosen newspaper on your door for you when you awake to offering a dvd to take back to your room to watch (with hundreds of options), nothing was ever a problem for the staff and they make every effort to go the extra mile to ensure your experience is like no other.  



So after an ultra luxurious stay at the ever-so-charming Hotel Santa Caterina, we would like to thank the lovely staff for granting us an everlasting memory of elegance, beauty and kindness that we will never forget. 



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*Hotel Santa Caterina invited me to stay, but all of my opinions are that of my own. 



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