5 Most Instagramable Spots in Genoa, Italy…

Genoa is the sixth largest city in Italy and with a rich maritime history, the capital of northwest Italy’s Liguria region has a plethora of pretty places to photograph. But with no expectations or much prior research, I didn’t envisage Genoa to offer quite so many lovely landscapes and it pleasantly surprised me no end.  So without further ado – here’s my top 5 most Instagramable spots in Genoa..


1. Boccadasse from the top of the steps

Boccadasse is an old marina’s neighbourhood on the eastern outskirts of Genoa and is accessible by just a 15 minute bus from the city centre. Sitting on the waters edge with buildings ascending up the mountain in all different colours, this fisherman’s village oozes a traditional Italian charm. Boccadasse is not an unknown hideaway,  but a bustling little area (even for April) and screams out for the perfect place to enjoy a delicious gelato in the sun. To get the perfect snap of this delightful village, head to the top of the steps (west side) and you’ll experience Boccadasse in all it’s colourful glory, lending itself as the perfect Insta-stop.

Boccadasse | Genoa | Italy

Boccadasse | Genoa | Italy



2. Boccadasse’s Beach Flower Garden

After spending the afternoon sipping Aperol Spritz and soaking up the quaint views, my friend and I left the guys to the beer and had a little explore of the town. Walking past the beach, we came across (although hard not to!) this beautiful boat full of gorgeous flowers. Unsure whether it’s seasonal or because it was a Sunday, it offered a perfect photo for the gram! With a stunning ocean backdrop and plenty of colours, this will keep your profile über vibrant. 

Boccadasse flowers on the Beach | Genoa, Italy

There’s actually quite a few photo options in Boccadasse – from the washing hanging over the streets, to the view over the next door bay, you’ll be in snap-happy heaven. 

Boccadasse | Genoa | Italy



3. The Umbrella (Ombrello) Street

As we were hunting for our bus stop, something in my peripheral vision blinded me with it’s radiance (well not quite but it was super dazzling). A street with umbrellas coloured in all the hues of the rainbow were hanging above a road and I’d never seen anything quite like it. This street is so cool and colourful; not just the vivid tones above, but also the shadows on the road that the umbrellas made.  This will really bring your Insta to life with a snazzy shot under my umber-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. 

The Umbrella Street (ombrello), Genoa

Umbrella Street | Genoa | Italy



4. Arco della Vittoria

Again, we came across this completely by mistake (as I said, I hadn’t done much research of Genoa before arriving) – we were catching a bus and saw it in the background… so ran over to get a closer look and it really was magnificent! The Arco della Vittoria, (the Victory Arch), was built as a memorial to those who died in World War 1 and is located in Piazza della Vittoria. This historical landmark offers such a beautiful photo opportunity.  

Genoa Arch | Arco della Vittoria | Genoa, Italy

Genoa Arch | Arco della Vittoria | Genoa, Italy



5. The Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel lies in the old port of Genoa, I captured it from the sea giving a different perspective of Genoa to my other photos. So if you’re on a boat or a cruise like us, it’s a fun shot to take and really shines (literally) in the late afternoon when the light is golden and dreamy. (You don’t have to be in a boat, just head to the old port and grab your snap from there)…

The Ferris Wheel, Old Port, Genoa


So there’s my top 5 most Instagramable spots in Genoa, even if you don’t have Instagram they’re definitely photo-worthy and so beautiful. If you’re in Genoa and plan on seeing any of these places, or if you’ve been and got other suggestions – please let me know in the comments below! 

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