My 5 Favourite Mallorcan Beaches

Mallorca has it all – although it may be a small island (3,640 km² to be exact), it offers a spot of something for everyone. From the Tramuntana mountains for walkers, cyclers and landscape lovers to beautiful Palma city for the night life seekers, foodies and cultural capturers.  On top of that, we can’t forget my favourite bit – the beaches for… well surely everyone right!?  Mallorca’s beaches range from long sandy shores to small idyllic coves and with the glistening aqua sea, it’s a pretty special place for the yachties too. I have travelled and seen all four corners of Mallorca (although of course there is a lot left to explore) but here are my favourite collection of beaches on this majestic island…


1. Playa El Mago

Playa El Mago can be found in Portals Vells in the south-west of the island, after you’ve completed the dirt track and rocky parking, you’re welcomed with one of my favourite views in Mallorca….
This:Mallorca | Top 5 Beaches | Girl Going Global

Even though I’ve been there before and already have a large collection of photos from this point, it is hard to walk past without stopping for another snap. The most exotic and bright colours twinkle up to the onlookers  – never mind downing in the water… I could just drown in that view! There are two beaches either side of this view – the right is a nudist beach with a restaurant and the left is non-nudist with a lot of trees so to put it simply the left is for naturalists and the right is for naturists (and foodies). Both are as beautiful as each other so take your pick for whichever tickles your fancy.

We opted for the left hand side. There are plenty of trees to shade under from the sun however the beach itself is fairly petite so in mid season we did struggle to find a space big enough for myself, my boyfriend and my unicorn…  The sea is delicious and very shallow, it’s surrounded by rock cliffs and super yachts so it really feels like sheer paradise. If you’d rather avoid the crowded beaches then rent a boat for the day and moor up here for the delightful views and the crystal clear waters.

2. Camp De Mar

My Favourite Mallorca Beaches | Girl Going Global | Camp De Mar

Camp de Mar, another beauty on the southwest of the island and a long standing favourite of mine, with more space to sunbathe than the quainter coves but just as much of a hot spot for the super yachts, Camp De Mar has a lot to offer. The most drawing point of this beach is the restaurant on an islet just a wooden bridge away from the beach. Quaint, delicious and offering a very Mediterranean feel, Restaurante Illette is the perfect setting for a midday break from the beach. The sea at Camp de Mar is as turquoise as you can get, providing an almost Caribbean’ esq atmosphere that is not to be missed! If you want to have a gentle swim or just relax with the kids there is a life guard on watch to ensure complete safety :).

3. Cala Mondrago Beach 

My Favourite Mallorca Beaches | Girl Going Global | Cala Mondrago

I had seen photos of Cala Mondrago on Instagram so we headed over to the east of Mallorca in search of it, however beware – the signs to Mondrago at Santayi like to send you round and round the town… continuously…. Top tip – don’t go into the town, go around the outside and just keep on that road until the signs pick up again… or just use a sat nav… (unless they have since then changed them which would be such a blessing!). When we finally found the turn off to the Mondrago Natural Park it was such a relief. The parking was about 6 euros but for the day it is well worth it as the beauty that is just ahead of you is picture-perfect.  It’s a 5-10 minute walk down to the beach;  there’s a hotel, a shop and a restaurant but not much else; it is very un-spoilt. Another beach with bright turquoise sea, soft sand and a haven for the super yachts – sheer paradise! There is an option to walk around to the other bay on the rocky path which in itself is beautiful (and where I took the first photo of this Mallorca beach blog). The beach was very windy but offered a welcome breeze for the mid-summer months. A day trip here is a must!

4. Port de Pollenca Beach 

My Favourite Mallorca Beaches | Girl Going Global | Port de Pollenca

A completely different beach to those aforementioned and right on the northern tip of Mallorca, this is a resort town beach with all amenities close by and the option to rent sunbeds. What I loved about Port de Pollenca beach was that it was in a horseshoe bay so it almost felt like a lake – looking over the other side of the bay to more mountainous land. It’s a beautiful long, sandy beach that comes with a relaxed holiday vibe. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels to choose from for your lunch spot along the beach which is also appealing.  This isn’t the beach for you if you’re after a private cove for complete privacy, but it’s a very family friendly place.  There is also a beautiful pine walk right at the far end of the beach which is very pretty and perfect to keep cool under the trees in high season (there are also some great trees for tree climbing lovers!).

5. Es Trenc

My Favourite Mallorca Beaches | Girl Going Global | Es Trenc

Wow! Es Trenc reminds me of a beach in Barbados! With uninterrupted turquoise waters and powdery white sand that stretches for miles (6.2 specifically).  The only problem of it being so stunningly beautiful is that EVERYONE wants to experience it’s beauty so there is very little space that has not been taken over by tourists and locals alike. It is such a long beach so you would have thought that there would be ample space for everyone but there kinda wasn’t. However, we went at prime time between 2-4pm but I would imagine if you got here either very early or very late you would be able to see much more sea and sand than we got to. Despite the flock of people here, it still managed to take my breathe away.  What does that say?! This would probably be my favourite beach on the island if it wasn’t for all the people – but I can’t complain – I was one of those people!

Mallorca holds such a big place in my heart and I continue to explore what it has to offer year on year. The beaches here are so charming and with there being 262 on the island there are still many yet I have to discover. Please let me know your favourite beach and I will endeavour to visit it next time I’m in Majestic Mallorca.




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